Day 18: A Busy Life

Obviously I’ve missed a whole week from writing anything. In that time, I’ve finished up Spring Semester, gotten a new computer, as well as forget my login for Tumblr. XD. When you get busy it’s easy to  throw your diet and exercise plan out the window which is exactly what I’ve done for the last week. I exercised a few times but not longer than twenty minutes because I just didn’t have the time. Sometimes your body needs a break. Mine was telling me on Sunday to take a break when i woke up in the morning and couldn’t even walk because my hamstrings hurt so bad it felt like my entire legs were failing.

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re going to set aside one day a week where you’re going to take a day off from exercise then TAKE THE DAY OFF. Don’t end up doing a “short workout” because you will want to keep going. That short workout will end up being an hour or two. Allow your body that much needed rest and it will thank you later.

May 19, 2010

Day 11: Don’t Feel Bad

Yesterday was Day 10, before that was Day 9 and I didn’t write anything. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get online at all. School is ending this week so I’m stressed as ever. Yesterday marked the final day of classes. Tomorrow I have a final and then Monday and Tuesday I have two more finals. On top of it, I am sick. Yesterday I didn’t get to exercising. I still ate right, but no exercise was involved. Today I won’t be able to work out either as I must practice my violin the entire day for tomorrow’s juries. At first I felt bad. Then I renewed my mind. Exercise can be made up. You don’t need to feel bad if for some reason you miss a day. It won’t put you far behind on your goals. Don’t stress out over not being able to fit in a workout at the beginning or end of the day. It won’t kill you. And sometimes your bod needs a rest.

May 12, 2010

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Day 8: Eat the Ice

I know eating ice sounds odd but it’s awesome. I don’t mean normal ice. I mean Popsicle ice. But not REALLY Popsicle ice. Get yourself some Popsicle containers and freeze your own Popsicles. I really enjoy freezing Crystal Light lemonade. Crystal Light is only five calories and in frozen form it gives you something to suck on and chew. Right now I’m licking an orange juice popsicle. You can even try freezing your favorite yogurts. If you do not want to invest in little popsicle trays, try using  ice cube trays and sticking tooth picks in them before they freeze. It’s great for summer without sacrificing your whole diet by eating straight up ice cream or extra sugary frozen treats. 

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Day 7: Eating at the Movies

Tonight I went to the movies to see Iron Man 2. Amazing movie, btw. Robert Downey Jr is hot hot HOT. I was sad to see Terrence Howard no longer played Rhodes though. Anyways my reason for writing about the movies is because I chose not to indulge in movie theatre food. Sure, it’s tempting with the butter flavor flowing and the sour patch kids and movie nachos. But theatre’s aren’t exactly diet-friendly. Keeping this in mind, I took my own food into the theatre by hiding it in my purse, of course. I didn’t over pack snacks either. I took a simple bag of 100-calorie Chocolate Cover Pretzels to munch on. While others were stuffing their faces with greasy, fattening food, I was on the right track. My friend on the other hand decided to order a yogurt parfait from Chik-Fil-A to take into the movie. 

If you can, take your own food into the theatre when you see movies. I’ve often gotten food from the mall such as a caesar salad wrap and taken it into the movies. Some theatres are very strict about outside food. If possible, hide the food in your purse or wrapped in a sweatshirt. I don’t want you to get kicked out of the movie for this! haha. But even if an employee does say something to you and tell you you must put it away, I think it is a fully legitimate reason if you say you’re on a diet and the theatre does not accommodate someone in your situation.  Not only does sneaking your own snacks in mean you’re sticking to your diet but it also means you’re saving money. Have you seen the price of a box of candy? Movie nachos alone are $6.50 at our theatre!

You don’t have to sacrifice your diet just because you’re out and about being entertained by them talkies. 

Took puppy on a walk this afternoon. It is beautiful out. And rather breezy but seeing as I live on the Chesapeake Bay, it keeps the temperature a bit cooler. We only did one lap since he was trying to nap before we left but I was ready to go. He met lots of nice kids and got tons of love from strangers. He is such a conversation starter. 

Day 6: Incentives

Today my mother and I went shopping at Kohl’s since we kept seeing the Mother’s Day sale commercials. I bought three new shirts, capri’s, new workout clothes, lots of new socks and a brand new bathing suit. 

That’s the one I’m excited about. The new bathing suit. I tend not to try clothes on in stores because I don’t have an abnormal shape. I know what size I am and by now I know what silhouette’s fit me well. I came home and tried on the bathing suit. I feel amazing in it. My tummy is noticeably flatter and my butt looks lifted. My thighs are slimmer but I still have far to go to get them where I want them. 

Sometimes an incentive is what you need to get your butt into shape. A new bathing suit. A new dress. A skinny pair of jeans. Set a goal for yourself to fit into it by a certain date. Make it a realistic date. For instance, I want to lose ten more pounds to go with this new bathing suit. But my beach vacation week isn’t until the end of August so I will be going above and beyond that goal. 

Today, look in the mirror. Don’t focus on flaws but tell yourself you’re beautiful. Because you are. 

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Just got back from a walk in the park with our puppy. He loves his walks but being that he is still a puppy, he can only last so long. We walked around the entire park twice and considering the park is 30-something acres and it’s ninety degree’s out, he did really well. 

Just got back from a walk in the park with our puppy. He loves his walks but being that he is still a puppy, he can only last so long. We walked around the entire park twice and considering the park is 30-something acres and it’s ninety degree’s out, he did really well. 

"A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise."
-- A.A. Milne

Day 5: The Playlist

When you exercise, you’ve just GOT to have some music to listen to. Some people enjoy reading magazines while on the treadmill. I enjoy watching old episodes of LOST because it seems like the time goes by faster. The only time I really listen to music while working out is when I’m doing a workout vid (or dancing, of course!). I mute the tv and blare my own tunes. If you’re listening to upbeat tempo’s, it will keep your heart rate up. What’s on your playlist? Below are a few on mine. I’d like to say I really dislike Miley Cyrus and her music. It’s my own opinion; I just do not like anything about her. Yet she’s on my playlist. Why? Because sometimes I like turning her up when I’m on a stationary bike. It makes me work harder because I’m trying to get away from her music. Weird yet funny, I know. 

Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada

Hometown Heroes, National Nobodies by All Time Low

Check on It by Beyonce

Dress to Impress by Callahan

Jimmy Choo’s by Chester French

Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

10 Miles Wide by Escape the Fate

Numb by Family Force 5

Festival Song by Good Charlotte

How You Love Me Now by Hey Monday

Shake It by Metro Station

The Story of Your Life by We the Kings

Take it Home by the White Tie Affair

Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band

Legs like that by Zebrahead

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Day 4: Shake Your Booty

Sometimes you get up in the morning and just don’t want to exercise. This morning I woke up under the impression I’d be exercising before I went to my afternoon class. It’s very difficult on Monday’s and Wednesday’s to plan everything I need to do around this one class since it’s in the middle of the day. Anyways, I ended up sleeping instead until I finally got my ass up and put on workout clothes. I took our puppy outside with the hopes he’d run around in the yard while I got a workout in. That workout didn’t happen. We came inside and I left him upstairs while I went into the basement. I turned on the tv onto the Dance/Electronica channel. I proceeded to dance for twenty minutes. I danced so hard sweat was covering my face by the time I finished. Afterwards my body felt so good I was prepared for my day. 

At least one time with the few days left in the week, turn on some tunes and dance around. It’s easy. No equipment required aside from the music and your body. Shake your booty and make your own moves. Go as long as you want. Five minutes…forty minutes. It doesn’t matter. What matter’s is that you’re being active and keeping your heart rate up. Doing good aerobic dance for fifteen minutes can burn near a hundred calories so dance your ass off! 

I’ve been looking to post workout vid’s on here but after scanning YouTube, there aren’t many decent ones that actually give you a workout and are still relevant without neon spandex or grainy filming. I’m thinking sometime this weekend I’ll end up getting some workout’s together, some of my own favorite moves that I feel work my muscles and I’ll upload them for others to follow.